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Violence On Television Should Be Banned
by: kevin14

Good morning to all honourable judges, teachers and friends. My name is Ng Wei Yoong from ECEL4S1 and I am here to present to you a speech entitled: Violence On Television Should Be Banned.

Ladies and gentlemen,
We all know that violent materials have been increasingly shown on television these days. However, more and more crimes are taking place all over the world. Surprisingly, they are getting worse everyday! We, mankind are in danger.

“Why should violence on television be banned? Aren’t they very boring without those exciting scenes?” –some viewers responded.

Violence on television does a lot of harm on viewers because they consist of murders, fighting, rapes as well as social and political eruption. It indeed gives the impulse for people to commit crimes towards one another.

As a child, or even a young teenager, they confuse films on television with reality. Sometimes children see a great deal of violence, they begin to think that it is alright to imitate the violent action of the “Hero” on television. For example, a thirteen-year-old murdered his father and tore the body to pieces. When he was asked why he did that, he replied “I saw someone do it on TV”. You see, any sort of murders could happen. Imagine how huge the effects of violence are on television.

Some people get the wrong messages from watching those shows. “The character in the film on television can do it, they are still alive and so can I.” –even an adult thinks in this way. Violence on television would definitely damage our brain, our mind and our thoughts too. A good boy changes his good personality while a gentlemen is not a gentlemen anymore. He probably gets the wrong ideas to make himself into a “real” man.

Violence on television should be banned because our safety has been jeopardized by it. They are totally unhealthy to us both mentally and physically. Our soul is corrupted.

Well, tons of complaints have been reported by the parents regarding the violence on television. But no action was taken on them. So instead of complaining, parents should take notice of what their children are watching. In this way, parents can protect their children from watching those shows.

As a result, violence on television should be banned. It brings plenty of harm to the viewers and also out environment.

Thank you.

Written and Presented by kevin14 | Checked and Corrected by Mr. Arumugam
in Dec 2008 | Work of Erican
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