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So These are Why I Hate Outsiders
Tuesday, September 15, 2009
Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce the most amiable Outsiders to you.

The first pair - Blabby Aunt and Freaky Uncle (Relationship: Husband and wife)
Please clap your hands, so that they would shut up and smile.

The second pair - Very-Gossip-Aunt and Uncle Tan (Relationship: Husband and wife)
Get ready with a knife OR a fork to scratch out your eyeballs because you wouldn't want to see them.

These two pairs do my family a gooooooooooooooood turn. So what did they do?

Blabby Aunt: (Relationship: My grandma's youngest sis)
- Don't ever try to start any conversation with this lady. Once she opens her month, you would never get any more silence.
- Ordered me to something for her which was as simple as she could do it herself.
- Talking talking talking......
- Blabbed around me, so loudly.
- Keep calling me for some easy things.

I don't need any advice from her. I know what I'm doing and I can handle it myself. Stop talking! Stop calling!

Very-Gossip-Aunt (Relationship: Blabby Aunt's sis):
- Keep giving advices to my parents and said we need to change this and that about my house.
- Keep telling me what is wrong and what should be done all day.
- Acted like a my grandma.
- She made me to drink up a bowl of chicken soup, and said that was great.
- Forced me to eat fish, which was so bad taste.
- Because of her, I'm writing this entry in my living room now, in stead of in my reading room. She moved my computer out here!
- She guessed she was the king and the queen in my house.

I don't think my house needs any changes, neither do I. I'm 17, I know how to think and you, SHUT UP! She can't force to do do something which I don't like! This is MY HOUSE!

Uncle Tan: (Relationship: Gossip Aunt's husband)
The only one which I think is fine.

This guy will be the last one I write - he's the "cutest" guy I've ever met.
Freaky Uncle:
- Good smile - but like a pervert.
- Keep calling me at lunch and dinner time. No, shouting would be more accurate.
- Came inside the reading room and sat behind me, watching me.
- Sometimes, he stood in front of the room and watched me at least 5 minutes and smile.
We went to order some dishes some day, and we were at a reataurant. He:-
- called the waitress by doing this, 'WEIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII.......!!!!! I would like to order some dishes!'
- shouted again, 'I want (name of dishes)! (name of the same dishes)!'
- went to look at what people in the restaurant eat.
- couldn't sit properly so keep walking around and find some one to talk to, asking lots of stupid questions.

Do you know how shameful I was? I just wanted to find a hole dig myself in. He was crazy!!! He shouldn't shout to order dishes, there were so many people in the restaurant and I felt so embarrassed standing behind him. God! I went out twice with him and he did almost the same stupid thing. STOP shouting at me for the lunch the dinner. His voice is so noisy!

The second pair had already left my house yesterday and I wish the first pair would leave asap as well. I perfer a quiet house.

4:11 PM



Awwww... I can't help but feel very sorry you. Your Uncle Tan is Embarrassing!!! Now I think I'd appreciate my horrible uncle and aunts a little more because they don't do that. Though, I wish I could stuff something down their throat when they start talking about how my father spends his money.

No problem on the advices, I like to share with people what I know cause sharing is fun!
» Nuttz on 2009-09-15 07:04:24

freaky uncle reminds me of jack nicholson's character in "as good as it gets."
» thaitanic on 2009-09-15 04:02:54

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