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11 September, 2009 07:53 PM: Web page's temporarily plain! I haven't had extra time to cuztomize a new one. Will be updated soon :)
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Friday, September 11, 2009


Kind of missing nutang actually XDDD

So... What had I done in the month? Pretty much.

My trial exam for the BIG exam started on first of Sept. and still, I'm having my trial exam now, untill next week, then I'll be free (not exactly) for another two months, then there it is, the BIG exam!!! Seriously, I just started my revision for the chapters, just slightly moving into the exam mode. I did a lot of revisions for my subjects, this month was the totally month I read my schools books the most, I could say! There're subjects which I don't like, of course, I hate Add Maths. You know what, the questions in the trial exam drove me crazy! Who's going to answer a question like that? Crazy.

My house helper went back to her country about half month ago, so I HAVE TO do the house works myself, except cooking and washing clothes. I wash the dishes every night and iron my school uniform every day. Not bad, it's time for me to train myself. Now, my house's quite silent because we've only four people, my dad, my mom, my grandpa and me. Bro and sis have gone to college and will only be back at the weekend. I enjoy the silence, though :)

However, my house has become a guesthouse recently. My relatives came to stay overnight at me house for twice in a month, and that annoyed me! I clearly knew the reasons they came for, (which I'm not good to tell you here), but having some strangers sitting in my house and used my bed room wasn't a good feeling. Also, another family is coming to my house now. I actually don't have any problems if they want to come, but don't start blabbing around me right after they come. I can't stand that situition.

Oh yes, it's a fasting month for the muslims, which makes me a bit difficult to do something. For example, drinking water. I wanted to drink water when I'd finished my paper, but there're a lot of Malay friends beside me and I felt "not-so-good" to do that in front of them. So I didn't. I took one full bottle to school, and brought back three quarters. Urrr... sounds cruel to my throat, huh? LOL. It's OK. Should I be fasting together with them? Um... you answer it.

Reading uses a lot of my time, so I won't be able to update my blog, which is a bad news. I've always wanted to put something on my blog, somehow I can't make it until the end of the day. Hrrhrr... I wish I had more time to do things! More time to speak, more time to read, more time to laugh, more time to bed, more time to do online stuffs, etc.

I did some quick check over some cool websites last few days and I can't wait to sign up for an account, they're cool! Just wish to finish the trial exam asap. I still have two more subjects to go, Economics on Monday and Chinese on Thursday, really hope to do them well. Anyway, I'd have lots of update on my blog, OR maybe on other site XD Will be posting here after everything's done.

That's all for now, good bye ;D

1:38 AM



Oh I know about relatives and their mouths. I wish I can sew them tight myself. Thank god my house is too small for their lodging preference.

NO YOU SHOULD NOT FAST WITH THEM MALAYS! Actually, there is nothing wrong with drinking when they are around, many of my muslim friends say that it's fine to drink in front of them during a fasting month because it helps them accumulate their good deeds. But you know our country always makes us non-islams feel like it is wrong to do things that they can't do.
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